REALTORS® care about professionalism. 

The Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® (ASR) is a part of The Canadian Real Estate Association's (CREA) Standards of Professional Excellence Task Force, which is piloting a set of seven standards to define professionalism. These were put together by CREA's Professional Standards Committee based on input from associations across Canada. 

The Next Step… In order to put these standards into effect, we need to take them to the CREA Board of Directors and show them that REALTORS® care about professionalism. We think a set of standards can help create consistency in the REALTOR® community and make REALTORS® stand out from others in the industry. Do you agree? We want your input! 

The Seven Standards…

Education – Demonstrate professionalism by exceeding educational requirements
Communication – Ensure effective communication is a high priority
Community – Contribute to the community in which you conduct your business
Relationships – Value professional relationships within and outside the real estate industry
Positivity – Strive diligently to achieve positive outcomes for your clients and other parties
Achievements – Support statements about personal achievements with measurements and proof
Advocacy – Advocate for practices that strengthen the profession and public protection

Visit the Website…excellenceguide.caHere you’ll find so many ways to contribute, and take advantage of REALTOR® professionalism!

  • Share a story – how have you contributed to professionalism in the REALTOR® Community?
  • Take a course – improve yourself and your business through knowledge and new skills!
  • Participate in a survey – does your view of professionalism align with these seven standards?
  • Become an ambassador – share what professionalism means to you and how it helps you and your business!