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May 2018:

William Shakespeare really had his finger on the pulse when he wrote:  Uneasy is the head that wears the crown (usually misquoted as “Heavy” is the head...). I recently binge-watched HBO’s The White Queen series, and back in the 1400s, the head that wore the crown always seemed to be in danger of being separated from its body. Luckily for me, even though my job as self-appointed Queen Bee of the Association is highly enviable, I have not had to worry about any treasonous plots to remove me from my throne (aka, an ergonomically engineered task chair). Rather, I am being put out to pasture (see photo), and it is my firm belief that the pasture will be green!

I have been employed by the Association for just a smidge under 28 years and was 35 when I started. Coincidentally, my father worked for the City of Saskatoon for 28 years and was 35 when he started, so maybe this is a genetic thing. Back then, I could never understand how anyone could even contemplate doing the same job for that long; how tedious – and not for me! But I wasn’t taking into account how very quickly those years would fly by. Nor how many wonderful colleagues I would end up counting as my friends. So, between time doing what it does, and the amazing people I got to spend that time with, it was often entertaining, usually busy, but rarely ever tedious (although, I confess to stifling a yawn when I think about standard forms…).

Right from my first day on the job, the Association work force has been estrogen-driven, with the women often outnumbering the men six to one. Unfortunately, women don’t always work well with one another, so I readily acknowledge how lucky I was to have experienced mentoring and friendship rather than backbiting and pettiness. I worked with some very smart and special women who helped me find my own voice and realize my potential. Oh, and I guess there’s also been a couple of dudes who’ve made my work life better (Bill, I’m looking at you!).

With just a few actual work days left, I’m starting to look at my office with different eyes – I find myself getting misty as I look through my personal archives. I really do like to hold on to “stuff,” so I’m guessing the recycling bin will be FULL by the time I purge what is no longer needed – by anybody – for anything. It warms my heart as I remember the hard work, the warm comradery, and the many many laughs I’ve enjoyed (usually at someone else’s expense!) over the last 28 years.

So to every colleague, director, president, EO, and EVP I have had the honor to work with (and you know who you are!) I say, thank you, thank you, thank you.  

Over and out, 
Patty Kalytuk



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