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January 2018:

Welcome to the ASR blog! I am delighted to be the very first contributor. The thing(s) on my mind today: standard forms.

Yikes! Keeping the forms updated is a never-ending job. I’ve had forms as part of my portfolio since the fall, and they are a handful (or maybe more of a deskful!).

We’ve long known that the “one-size fits all” form, just doesn’t exist. Farm and Commercial forms, originally based on Residential versions, have proven themselves to be not specific enough to gather the information needed. In 2017, we established two sub-committees – Farm and Commercial, and they have done a ton of work customizing the forms so that they work for the REALTOR® in the field (for farm people, literally, in the field!).

It was a huge undertaking that involved the redesign and addition of new data input forms and addendums by REALTORS® specializing in Farm and Commercial transactions. Initial versions were released in July, and with member feedback, we have further streamlined the forms, not just for REALTORS®, but also for those who upload the information to the MLS® System.

Not all changes made were major, consistency in form layout required a number of housekeeping “tweaks.” One of the small changes that has made my life easier is the addition of the form number at the top of the form as well as at the bottom. Not everyone uses that number, but for those of us who do, it’s a small but über-useful change.

We anticipate having the revised forms uploaded to WEBForms® by the end of February, but before that, we will definitely provide a summary of the changes REALTORS® can expect.

If you have any suggestions regarding potential changes to standard forms, please forward them to your local board office. If you have any thoughts or comments about the standard forms in general, please let us know.

Yours in blogging,

Patty Kalytuk

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Patty Kalytuk is a long-term, highly opinionated, wise-cracking, thought-inducing staff member here at the ASR. Over her 27 year career she has gained a few insights that we feel it's high time she shares!  If you have any comments or suggestions for future topics that you'd like to share with Patty, please contact her