CPD has Changed!

2017/2018 was the final year the ASR provided CPD to our members. The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission has selected the UBC Sauder Real Estate Division as the Saskatchewan education provider beginning January 2019. The following information has been provided to us by the Commission: 

In 2019 and beyond, the CPD program will be delivered by UBC Sauder in partnership with the Commission, with registration for the first courses launching in the first week of January, 2019. In order to renew a registration prior to June 30, 2019, registrants will be required to successfully complete one of three online, accessible, and media-rich courses (Industry Update, Commercial, or Broker/Brokerage).  
Each course will contain a series of modules with a lesson (including a variety of interactive features) and an assessment. In order to proceed through the modules, a learner must complete the lesson and obtain a mark of 70% or higher on the module assessment. Depending upon the level of experience and familiarity with the course content, successful completion of a course could take a learner between three to six hours.  
CPD course registration will be available on the UBC Sauder website and the Commission will provide more information and details later in 2018.
As the Commission transitions to a new provider for its education courses, please feel free to contact the Commission (info@srec.ca) at any time to discuss your education requirements.

Online CPD
Older versions of online CPD are still available!
Registrants that need to catch up on missed CPD courses, can choose from the following three options to complete their 2017/2018 CPD requirement: 

When you register at asreducation.com, you will have three options to choose from—you only need to complete one of these to fulfill your CPD requirement. Check our helpful login tips and answers to common questions below. Payment is accepted online only using VISA, MasterCard, or American Express​.

Click here to start online CPD!

Below are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Go to asreducation.com.
  2. Select one of the CPD 2017/2018 courses (You have a choice between three options this year!).
  3. You will need your SREC ID and password.  Your username is your SREC ID (i.e. – “RW-1234567” – be sure to include “RW-”). Please note: This is not the same ID and password used for Matrix.
  4. If you know your password click “Login” and go from there!
  5. If you do NOT know your password, go to “Forgot your login information? Click here.”  You will need to enter your last name, the first 2 digits of your first name, and your birth date.  You will then receive an email including your username and password.
  6. When you log in you must include “RW-” followed by the seven numbers in your SREC ID.
  7. If you do not receive an email providing your ID and password from the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission within 15 minutes:
    1. Check your junk mail / spam filter.
    2. Verify that we have your correct email address on file – contact garmstrong@srec.ca to update your contact information.

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