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Take a look at the variety of offerings below. Whether you're looking for a CPD workshop, a professional development opportunity, or a social outing—you'll find it here! In order to register, login using your Matrix™ or REALTOR Link® username and password. 
TitleBegin DateCity
ASR GR Days 201710/30/2017ReginaSKGR103017
CPD 2017/2018 Saskatoon Workshop11/1/2017SaskatoonSKPD110117
CPD 2017/2018 North Battleford Workshop11/7/2017North BattlefordSKPD110717
CPD 2017/2018 Melfort Workshop11/14/2017MelfortSKPD111417
CPD 2017/2018 Prince Albert Workshop11/15/2017Prince AlbertSKPD111517
CPD 2017/2018 Regina Workshop11/22/2017ReginaSKPD112217
CPD 2017/2018 Moose Jaw Workshop11/28/2017Moose JawSKPD112817
CPD 2017/2018 Saskatoon Workshop12/5/2017SaskatoonSKPD120517
CPD 2017/2018 Regina Workshop12/6/2017ReginaSKPD120617
CPD 2017/2018 Regina Workshop2/7/2018ReginaSKPD020718
CPD 2017/2018 Saskatoon Workshop2/9/2018SaskatoonSKPD020918
CPD 2017/2018 Regina Workshop3/6/2018ReginaSKPD030618
CPD 2017/2018 Saskatoon Workshop3/13/2018SaskatoonSKPD031318
CPD 2017/2018 Swift Current Workshop3/21/2018Swift CurrentSKPD032118
CPD 2017/2018 Regina Workshop4/12/2018ReginaSKPD041218
CPD 2017/2018 Saskatoon Workshop4/12/2018SaskatoonSKPD41218
CPD 2017/2018 Saskatoon Workshop5/1/2018SaskatoonSKPD050118
CPD 2017/2018 Regina Workshop5/2/2018ReginaSKPD050218
CPD 2017/2018 Saskatoon Workshop5/23/2018SaskatoonSKPD052318