Buying or selling real estate?

Then you need to know what you can expect from a REALTOR®!
REALTORS® are obligated to provide accountability, confidentiality, disclosure, competence, obedience and loyalty. They can provide you with valuable market information, and help out in your decision making process. Have you thought about zoning? Property tax? Utility costs? Your REALTOR® probably has!

Your satisfaction is their business!
So expect your REALTOR® to provide you with a positive experience! Real estate is based on relationships, and when you work with a REALTOR®, you form what is called an agency relationship with both the REALTOR® and his or her brokerage (the real estate company, its branch offices and all of its salespeople). You are authorizing that person to act on your behalf, and you may choose to contract them to act on your behalf in negotiations and all other aspects of buying or selling a property. If you go this route, ensure you have a written and signed contract outlining the obligations you and the agent have to one another, as well as payment arrangements. 

REALTORS® are professionals, and they're here to help! Find a REALTOR® today!

The Commission

All professional salespersons of real estate in Saskatchewan are licensed under the provisions of The Real Estate Act and its regulations. The Real Estate Act is administered by the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission through the Executive Director/Registrar who is the chief administrative official named in the Act. The Act sets out the rules within which real estate salespersons must comply in their daily activities. Examples are registration requirements, regulation of the conduct of brokers and salespersons, investigative powers of the licensing body and offenses and penalties.

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