Keeping up with the future!

The Saskatchewan REALTOR® Technology Council (SRTC) came about with the creation of the provincial MLS® System. With a focus on MatrixTM implementation and upgrades, the SRTC continues to monitor tech trends related to real estate, and strategize about how to use technology to improve services for ASR members.


The Saskatchewan REALTORS® Technology Council is an independent council supported by the Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® that strives to be the acknowledged leader in the provision of innovative, provincial, technology-based solutions that contribute to our members’ success. 

  1. Investigate and evaluate potential provincial technology-based services and make recommendations to provincial real estate boards.
  2. Oversee the implementation of provincial technology-based services.
  3. Investigate and evaluate provincial MLS® system alternatives.
  4. Assess performance and function of the provincial MLS® system.
  5. Identify, assess and determine new requirements and function of the provincial MLS® system.
  6. Act as the primary interface with the provincial MLS® system supplier.
  7. Act as an interface with provincial MLS® system user boards.
  8. Promote the creation of provincial technological-based standards.

Authority and Accountability

  1. The SRTC is accountable to all real estate boards and the ASR.
  2. The SRTC has authority to make changes to the functionality of the current provincial MLS® system and negotiate changes with the system supplier on behalf of members.  However, a change in system or MLS system requires ratification of the local real estate Boards.
  3. The SRTC has the authority to negotiate contracts and system changes with the MLS® supplier.  

If you would like more information on the role of the SRTC or if you would like to become a volunteer member, please visit our website at or email