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April 2018:

It's 4:20 somewhere, right?! With the anticipated upcoming legalization of recreational marijuana, and the allowable four-plants/household, landlords will have a few decisions to make. Do you want to allow your tenants to run a “mini grow-op” on your property? It would all be done legally, but what if you’re opposed for moral or other reasons?

When talking about growing marijuana, it’s hard not to think of what we’ve seen in the news: huge operations with hundreds of plants, stealing water and power and ruining the structures in which they’re being grown. Obviously, no landlord would want that kind of “entrepreneur” operating out of their property (unless they’re holding a $500,000 damage deposit!). But four plants is a totally different game.

What would growing four plants look like? It could be as old-school as four pots on a sunny windowsill, or sharing garden space with the tomatoes and carrots. Or it could be as advanced as a hydroponic operation in a grow tent tucked away in a corner of the basement. If you go online, there is no shortage of sites offering equipment, instruction, seeds, nutrients and whatever else you might need to get growing. I think it’s going to become quite the cottage industry.

The ASR has been lobbying the government for several years to provide a grow-op registry that would allow home buyers to determine if a property they are considering purchasing has knowingly been used in an illegal drug operation. Even if all visible evidence of a meth-lab is gone, dangerous levels of chemical residue could remain. For so many reasons, these properties’ histories need to be recorded in a central registry accessible by the public. But, I digress – this has nothing to do with four plants…

If growing four marijuana plants can be grown legally, is it any different than growing four tomato plants? Obviously it is, but it’s going to be a dickens for landlords to police, should they wish to. Of course, it’s all hypothetical until the government(s) tell us otherwise, so I guess I’ll stick to my tomatoes until then.






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